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X360 Les Paul guitar is acting randomly

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:01 pm    Post subject: X360 Les Paul guitar is acting randomly Reply with quote

Hello guys,

I've bought a pre-owned X360 Les Paul, knowing it had the dropped notes problem and I've already fixed it with a little of solder on each of the 8 neck contacts.

Before I move on, notice that before I could even test the guitar, I had to clean the spring in the battery compartment since it was full of dry battery acid. I wonder if this was responsible for all the problems I'm having further below.

Well, fret buttons, strum bar and the arrows work perfectly. The other controls are a mess. Let me tell you the problems I've encountered:

First, I tried GHII and the whammy bar was responding randomly: you could be whammying and it works, and then suddenly stops responding; or you keep whammying with no ingame response and suddendly it does... it's just random, works whenever it feels like it. The select button wasn't working, and the tilt sensor was working kinda the same way as the whammy, which means I would keep trying to tilt activate and it would activate randomly, even after I stopped trying. Start button was working OK.

Another day (today), I tried it with GHWoR. Before I even touched the guitar, I noticed it was turned on. lol I'm sure it did turn it on by itself 'cause no one touched it. Anyway, as soon as I got to the song select screen, the first song was selected automatically. I soon realized the Start button was being pressed at random; it would keep pausing and unpausing the game every few seconds. As for the Select button or maybe tilt, it would keep activating SP as soon as I got enough.

I have no clue what the * is going on. I can post a video of the interior of the guitar if it helps. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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