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Get-togethers Announcement

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 10:51 pm    Post subject: Get-togethers Announcement Reply with quote

Welcome to the Get-together sub-forum! This forum has been created to separate casual get-togethers from the Tournaments and General Chat forum. This announcement will show people how to organize a get-together and make the topic as informative as possible. This announcement, if followed closely, should prevent most of the confusion and frustration that may arise, because the last thing ANYONE wants when they are hosting/attending a get-together is confusion. Now, I won't be too harsh, but it would be preferred that you gather a group of 2-3 people at least (by discussing it in IRC or in PM's) before you decide to make a topic about it. We don't need tons of topics with no replies. If you really want to throw a get-together, maybe you could PM them and pitch them the idea. If they like it, and you find someone else who thinks the same way, then you should be good to make the topic. Now, there is no one way to create a topic, but I am giving you the information that will give everyone the best idea of what to expect:

I: How to make a useful get-together topic

1. Subject: The subject should say the title you wish to give the get-together, the date, and the location. If the exact date or location isn't known, then a season, month, or date range will suffice, though it is preferred to have the official date and location.

2. Possible message/background: In here, you want to discuss how this topic came to be. Maybe you PM'ed a couple of people who thought this was a good idea, maybe you went to a tournament and the people you met said they want to meet up again in a casual environment, who knows. Here, you pitch the main idea, how you came up with it, and what you want.

3. When: Give a date for this get-together. If you don't have that information decided yet, leave it 'to be determined'. After you decide on the specific days, it is important for people to know what time they should come and leave. As accurately as you can, indicate what time they will be allowed to come, and what time they should leave. Date and time are among the most important things, even simple changes in the date can drastically change a schedule.

4. Where: This depends on the get-together itself. Give the main location of the get-together. If you are hosting it at your house, give the information in this format: [Road, Town, State]. Give landmarks in town, or on the way to the house. To help them out, name off a couple of famous towns or highways in the area that might give people an idea of where you live. If you are meeting at a non-residential location (a mall, theme park, restaurant), then give the same format as before: [Road, Town, State]. Give the name of the place so they know where it is, as well as any surrounding landmarks to help them find their way. In addition, giving a layout of the location of the get-together is a good idea, so that people know what to expect. For example, if the host's house is in a suburban neighborhood, then blasting loud music and partying at 3 O' clock in the morning is probably not as much of an option as in, say, a rural area.

5. List of people: This is important. Make a list of people that have expressed interest in coming, or are 100% sure that they are coming. In the list, give specific information, such as: name, then give a note like 'Confirmed' or 'Unconfirmed' to indicate their status, and maybe what days they are staying. If the get-together is from Friday morning to Sunday night, for one guy who can't come until Saturday, state: person's name, confirmed, Saturday-Sunday night (or specific date).

6. Accommodations: This is a list of things to people need to bring. This should be copied and pasted into your thread, and expanded (or trimmed) to include other things or take out unnecessary items. The list should consist of, but is not limited to:
    - Sleeping bags/pillows/blankets
    - Toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, any other personal bathroom essentials
    - Clothes (at least one set per day, maybe an extra pair or two just in case)
    - Cameras/video cameras
    - TV's, videogame consoles (PS2's, 360's)
    - GH games and controllers, other videogames

7. Cost: This is also important. The host should have a pretty good idea of how much money this would cost each individual (for all expenses foreseen under their control). I do NOT mean guests paying the host for hosting it, unless there is some big thing everyone is chipping in for. If the host decides to host it, they should not expect anyone to pay them for it. The costs indicated are for food (if you decide to go out to eat), planned expenses (theme park admissions, concerts, karaoke, etc.), and extra money just to be safe. For that matter, all guests should be reasonable and expect other unseen expenses such as gas, extra money for food on the trip, souvenirs, maybe money for a plane ticket (if that is how you planned on getting there), and extra money in general. This sounds really expensive when listed like this, but I'm just listing all possibilities.

8. Smoking/drinking allowed: Needs to be stated whether cigarettes or alcohol will be allowed during the get-together. If the host is a minor and his parents have said they will allow a get-together, it is likely that drinking will not be allowed, and smoking is up to them too. If the host says it's acceptable (in which they probably have a place of their own), but minors are coming, then it needs to be expressed in the topic whether it will occur, so the minors can decide if they want to go or not, depending on their level of comfort with said substances.

9: PM'ing guests: The host, as the get-together date comes closer, should PM all people who have expressed interest, asking whether they are completely sure they can come, if there are any foreseeable obstacles, and, if they aren't quite sure if they're coming, what their final answer is. This is to make sure you know what's happening. This will cut down on unknown variables for the get-together.

10: After-event: After the event, I'm sure people will want to share experiences of the event, such as pictures, videos, and inside jokes. The question here is whether creating a second topic for this is allowed. Unless the get-together was really big, and had a LOT of pictures and videos, then it is probably just best to update the OP with pictures and videos.

Disclaimer: ScoreHero is not liable for what takes place at any get-togethers formed on ScoreHero. The purpose of this forum is to allow people to meet each other, but is not responsible for the specific events that may occur during these get-togethers, as we have no control over it. Choosing to host or attend such an event is a personal decision or a decision made between you and your guardian(s). If any information posted is incorrect or misleading, we hold no responsibility for being misinformed.

If you have anything to add to this or have anything to ask, feel free to PM me. All suggestions will be considered, and any feedback is appreciated.
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