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Note counts on expert guitar

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:31 pm    Post subject: Note counts on expert guitar Reply with quote

EDIT: Planning on adding bass to this; will use my bass FCs (or just random runs adding the perfects, goods, and misses for songs like Holy Wars that I can't FC) for the note streaks. Also will probably go back and re-do the guitar with real runs instead of practice mode section adding, since I have reason to believe that the practice sections don't exactly add up to the FC streak in all cases. I mean the counts in this thread should all be pretty close at the least, but some of them may be off by a small amount (like 1-5 notes).

So I was really bored and I felt like putting this together. Don't think this information is available anywhere else yet; not that many people are likely to care about it anyway.

By the way I did this by adding up the notes in each practice section so I didn't actually have to play every song again. Also I noticed something really fucked up about the way this game handles gold stars for FCs in doesn't show your best run, it shows your most RECENT run. This explains why Mouth for War doesn't have gold stars on my setlist. Basically if you play a song you've FCed again for fun and fail to FC it, it will change the gold stars to regular. I don't know if this also applies to getting lower star ratings but I assume that it does. So if you don't want to fuck up your setlist, don't allow yourself to finish non-FC runs of songs you've FCed, especially if they're hard songs like Mouth for War.

Anyway, here are the note counts; I separated the songs by tiers/DLC packs to make it easier to look at:

On-Disc Setlist:

Falling Away From Me = 385
We're Not Gonna Take It = 685
All the Small Things = 682
Dirty Little Secret = 679

Somebody Told Me = 993
Pain = 470
Cum on Feel the Noize = 687
Sk8er Boi = 690

Spoonman = 751
Blitzkrieg Bop = 610
Magic Man = 739
Are You Gonna Be My Girl = 602

Youth Gone Wild = 530
Dr. Feelgood = 939
Bad Reputation = 675
Diary of Jane = 486

Paralyzer = 711
All My Life = 953
Given Up = 504
No One Like You = 609

Kiss Me Deadly = 648
Our Truth = 633
Dance Dance = 728
White Room = 598

Heading Out to the Highway = 399
Round and Round = 944
The End of Heartache = 1368
Won't Get Fooled Again = 839

Detroit Rock City = 368
Walk = 1189
Chop Suey! = 897
The Spirit of Radio = 1034

Last Resort = 1032
Still of the Night = 842
The Joker and the Thief = 1164
Run to the Hills = 558

Stone Cold Crazy = 416
Highway Star = 1403
Am I Evil? = 2249
Pull Me Under = 1618
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due = 2171


No Pain, No Gain = 1126
She's the Bug = 962

Death Real = 725
My Only Shining Star = 984
Model DD 8 = 1354
Progressive Baby = 1320
Chimera = 1025

5 Minutes Alone = 1378
Mouth for War = 1155
Cemetery Gates = 1367
This Love = 997
I'm Broken = 1002

Was surprised to find that Holy Wars doesn't have the most notes in the game; that honor goes to Am I Evil?

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