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Unofficial Rock Revolution Guitar/Bass Leaderboards

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Joined: 25 Sep 2006
Posts: 2150
Location: Troy, New York

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:03 am    Post subject: Unofficial Rock Revolution Guitar/Bass Leaderboards Reply with quote

Update: I take a large bite out of preb's lead on guitar career.

Here it is, the unofficial Rock Revolution leaderboard for expert guitar and bass. This was preb's idea to generate some score-related competition for this game. I also took the liberty of adding FC tables as well.

This doesn't have to be just between preb and I; anybody else is welcome to join. Just post here with your scores and FCs and I will add you to the leaderboards. I will probably have to take out the "spread" column if anybody else wants to join though. By the way, the formula for "spread" is preb score - my score, so positive numbers will indicate that preb has the lead while negative numbers indicate that I have it. Obviously the spreads are all negative or zero right now because I don't have any of preb's scores in there yet.

I will update this whenever there is reason to; i.e. whenever either of us gets new scores. preb, you can request an update whenever and I'll get to it as soon as possible. Obviously there will be a huge update soon once you give me all of your scores for guitar.

Oh and preb I think I got your FCs right but if I fucked anything up let me know and I'll fix it. Also if you think there's anything I could do to improve this leaderboard, let me know. Without further ado, here is the leaderboard:

A few notes:

--I was going to sort it by career order, but since bass doesn't have that I just did it alphabetically for the sake of consistency. DLC is at the bottom, alphabetized and sorted by pack (Free pack, then Bemani pack, then Pantera pack).

--A possible expansion would be including the numbers of goods and perfects for each score, but since neither of us have that information for all of our scores, I didn't think it was a good idea. The ratio is indirectly reflected in the score anyway (more perfects = better score).

--I feel bad for drums in this to nothing is known about them due to the presence of exactly zero active players on the instrument. Who knows what kinds of ridiculous broken notes may or may not exist or even how difficult the on-disc FGFC is. I don't think anyone even has a clue what the hardest on-disc drum song is (ok, it's possible that it's not as clear-cut as Holy Wars for guitar and bass, but still, there's literally been zero discussion on hard drum songs in this game that I'm aware of).

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Joined: 17 Feb 2007
Posts: 486
Location: denmark

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

you have my FCs correct
these are my current high scores on guitar
all my life 1299010
all the small things 914760
am i evil 3110146
are you gonna be my girl 806080
bad reputation 877580
blitzkrieg bop 792775
chop suey 1160120
cum on feel the noise 907290
dance dance 923450
detroit rock city 738765
diary of jane 673615
dirty little secret 905930
dr feelgood 1275605
falling away from me 571190
given up 664845
heading out to the highway 614635
highway star 1908130
holy wars the punishment due 2885430
kiss me deadly 894990
last resort 1336850
magic man 999135
no one like you 820560
our truth 852170
pain 619790
paralyzer 947335
pull me under 2281190
round and round 1287610
run to the hills 760380
sk8er boi 929090
somebody told me 1308470
spoonman 976295
still of the night 1217180
stone cold crazy 520130
the end of heartache 1800210
the joker and the thief 1541440
the spirit of radio 1399290
walk 1583265
we're not gonna take it 904760
white room 884720
won't get fooled again 1228565
youth gone wild 714715

5 minutes alone 1584180
cemetery gates 1779330
chimera 1349060
death real 935120
i'm broken 1167820
model dd8 1457615
mouth for war 1542725
my only shining star 1302780
no pain no gain 1239575
progressive baby 1656490
she's the bug 1262430
this love 1360165

haven't played a lot of bass yet
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Joined: 25 Sep 2006
Posts: 2150
Location: Troy, New York

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK, I added your scores. As you can see, you officially have 31 on-disc firsts and 8 DLC firsts. Overall you have a 1682296 lead on me on-disc, which is honestly not as much as I was expecting it to be when I was entering your scores. I see that I have a lot of work to do; I think I'm better now at getting perfects than I was when I got most of my FCs though so I should be able to improve. Also surprisingly I actually have more points from DLC than you do, as shown by the fact that your lead decreases a little when we add DLC. After taking a look at the individual songs, I see that this is largely due to my 5 Minutes Alone score; I assume you haven't ever really tried to do well on that song (not that I blame you; working on the song isn't exactly fun).

Also you must be really close to FCing Chimera and Mouth for War considering the fact that you're beating me on them with presumably non-FC scores; also I have -2 on Progressive Baby and you're beating me on that; again, I'm assuming you've gotten close to the FC.

Finally, I must say I don't know what the hell is up with my Detroit Rock City score. You're up by 227k and we both have the FC, which is just odd. I must have had a hell of a lot of goods on that run. I'll definitely improve that one the next time I play. Most of my other really terrible spreads are on songs you've FCed that I haven't, which is normal, but that Detroit Rock City spread is just...ridiculous. My Somebody Told Me score looks pretty weak too; I'll make sure to improve that one as well.

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Joined: 25 Sep 2006
Posts: 2150
Location: Troy, New York

PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK so I have some improvements to report. Not going to calculate the exact improvement on each individual song, just going to list which songs I improved on; comments below the list.

--Detroit Rock City
--Somebody Told Me
--Sk8er Boi
--Round and Round
--All My Life
--All the Small Things
--Holy Wars...The Punishment Due

All in all I managed to take a single 1st (Somebody Told Me) and cut your lead on the setlist to under one million; from 1682296 to 997291. That's a total of 685005 points of improvement for me today so I'm pretty happy with that.

Comments on songs that were interesting in some way:

--Detroit Rock City: OK so I've concluded that you must had a near-perfect run on this preb, because I can't come anywhere near your score. I have determined that there are 3 possible activations in the song and the last one is actually kind of hard to get; you only just barely get it at the end if you have perfect activations on the first two The second one is easy but the first requires some tricky hybrid strumming since the activation happens on the little part right after the first -- I did D DUDU DD with the activation after the first downstrum. If you wait to activate until after that little part you will NOT get the third activation. My new high score on this song came from a 23-good run in which I got all 3 activations and it's still almost 200k in the hole, so preb I conclude that your run must have been damn-near perfect. That score is absolutely ridiculous.

--Somebody Told Me: I really don't know how I improved by over 100k on this song in just one run but I'll take it. I was pretty aggressive on the activations in the alt-strumming and I think I ended up with 8 total activations (one more may be possible but no more than that for sure). Also I only had 15 goods on the run (almost 1000 notes in the song), so it was pretty solid in that respect.

--Holy Wars: OK, this is where a little more than half of the total improvement came from so I figured I should mention it. I got a -3 on the run that yielded my new high score with one miss in the intro (while I was trying to activate; I really should have restarted), one miss in the Mustaine solo (on an easy part too...I hit all of the annoying tricky stuff), and one miss in the outro (forgot that the rhythm changed up and fucked it up at first then FCed the rest). Here are the stats from that run. I wasn't recording the run because I figured I wouldn't FC it anyway but from now on I will record every run I play of this song. I'm a LOT better at the strumming now.

Most of the other songs were just little 20-30k improvements. Next song I'll be looking at is probably Joker and the Thief since I'm losing by almost 100k on that one (though I hate playing that song).

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