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Forum Rules - Read this before you post!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:56 pm    Post subject: Forum Rules - Read this before you post! Reply with quote

Welcome to the Hardware forum. This is the place for the MacGyvers and Van Goghs of this community to come together and share ideas. The most important aspect of games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band is the hands-on feeling of the instruments. I donít think any of us would be that excited about these games without the feeling of picking up a guitar or pair of drumsticks.
With that being said here are a few ground rules to keep this a healthy and happy community.

Read the stickies!
A lot of work has been done over the years to document how to fix common problems and construct cool mods. These are stickied for a reason. 90% of the questions that people have about hardware can be answered by reading these guides.

Be specific!
If you have a question and you cannot find the answer in one of the sticky threads it is okay to start a thread to ask your question, but remember to include the following information:
1. Tell us specifically what the problem is, when it happens, what the guitar looks/feels/sounds like, and any other relevant information.
2. What model guitar are you talking about and for which system you are playing on. Not all guitars are made alike, so without this information we cannot give you an educated guess how to fix it.
3. When possible, take pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but only when they are in focus and well lit. Cell phone pics are rarely clear enough to really see the problem so get a nice camera, put it in close-up mode, and adjust the lighting so we can see exactly what you are talking about. Crop your photo and reduce it to a manageable size. Host the image on or and copy the [img] address into the message.

No Spam!
Ebay is there for a reason. It provides the proper environment and security necessary for safe transactions. Any deal that is worked out on this forum has no guarantee of a safe transaction.
With that said, it is okay for users or companies to show off their products as long as you are not negotiating prices and working out transactions through this forum. Direct sales pitches with price or sale announcements or even users posing as happy customers will not be tolerated.
We do not want this forum to turn into a used hardware marketplace. I expect any products or services offered here to be sufficiently special enough to justify itís existence. If you have a product or service you would like to announce the following rules must be followed:
1. Scorehero has ZERO responsibility for any deals made through this forum.
2. Used equipment sales are not allowed, even high end equipment like Ion drum kits. What is allowed is unique or specially modded equipment.
3. Do not post more than 1 announcement for a particular product or service. Anything more than that and you have crossed the spam line.
4. Do not publicly discuss the price. All money (including shipping etc) should be done through ebay, your website, or private email accounts. Extensive trading though Private Messages (PMs) is discouraged.
5. Be open and honest about the condition of any hardware issues. If you misrepresent yourself or your product, you will be banned.
6. If you are unsure about your announcement/advertisement please contact me before posting.

Share your ideas and creations!
This forum should be an environment where creativity has the freedom to flourish. If you have a creation or idea for a mod, let the community know about it. If you have a custom paint job, show us and post it in the custom guitar index sticky. If you have completed a new mod (no matter how simple or complex) write up a tutorial on how you did it with plenty of pictures and descriptions. Even the strangest ideas can be an inspiration for someone. If you need help with something, this forum has some of the smartest and helpful people that may be able to help you with your plan.

Be supportive!
Constructive criticism is fine, but try to keep things civil and friendly. Obviously there is going to be a wide range of skill that goes into guitar mods but I think there is merit in anything that goes beyond slapping the stickers on it and calling it a day.
This forum has to remain a supportive environment where people are not afraid to create something and post it here for fear of getting flamed.

Thatís about it for now. Thanks for reading this and following the guidelines. I hope that you have been inspired to pick up a screwdriver or paint can and create something. I have personally found it to a very rewarding outlet for my creativity that I believe lies within all of us.

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